We are a family of 5 adventurers from 1 year old up to…well let’s not go there! We really don’t like being tourists and love to search out the unusual – whether it’s souvenir hunting in a prison in the Cook Islands (seriously! you can read about it HERE!), finding a Chocolate Museum for big, cold chocolate milks in the middle of Havana (read more HERE) or riding Icelandic horses in the shadow of a volcano (Beautiful! You can read about it HERE!) – we like to see it all.

We are UK based and we love our country too so there are numerous posts about day trips around the British Isles and things to do in lovely England – such as steam train rides to the seaside.

We post regularly on trips to inspire you, tips to inform and ideas to encourage. We LOVE a good old chat so please add your comments and own tips to any of our posts – we read them all and promise to write back.

We’d love it if you’d come on our journey with us. Looking forward to chatting soon 🙂

The Globalmouse Family

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  1. I grew up traveling with my family of four. Reading your posts sure brings back memories although we never got around to visiting the many places you’ve been to and continue to go to! Keep up the great work!


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