What My Children Say About…Iceland

Posted on October 27, 2013


1.  What was your favourite that we did in Iceland?

N (5) – I liked swimming in the pools, we stayed in there for ages and it was really warm and fun.
T (3) – My favourite was riding on the horses.

Iceland - 144

2. What was your least favourite thing from our holiday?

N (5) – When we drove for ages and ages. [We tried to drive from Reykjavik to Vik in one straight go and underestimated the time it would take and had to turn back!! it did go on for ages!]
T (3) – I liked it all!

3. What was your favourite meal on holiday?

N (5) Waffles!! And chocolate on them, with cream! And all of the cakes. [We had some amazing big round Icelandic cakes which were in all of the supermarkets].
T (3) yes, waffles!

Iceland - 113

4. Where was the best place we stayed?

N (5) The farm as they had horses and we could get the eggs every morning, and they put a flag up for us. [Thorey at the farm near Selfoss had the Union Jack flying on her flagpole when we arrived and for our stay there!]
T [3] I liked the cabin where Lampy tried to get in all the time. [Lampy was the name of the naughty sheep who always tried to jump into our log cabin!]

Iceland - 106

5. What was the best souvenir you brought home?

N (5) My trolls [Icelanders love their trolls and there were some to pick up in many shops so we started a small troll collection!]
T (3) My horse [a model Icelandic horse to remind her of riding them].
[I know this is what my children say but I have to just comment that the Icelandic wool is so beautiful and the hats and gloves the children got when we were there is my favourite thing, so gorgeous]

6. Do you want to go back?

N (5) YES
T (3) YES

If you’d like to read more, all the details of our trip to Iceland are here http://globalmousetravels.com/2013/08/17/iceland-with-children/

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