UK Day trip – Diggerland

Posted on October 23, 2013


Diggerland. For any child…or indeed parent, who loves diggers…this is a dream world!

When I first heard about Diggerland I assumed it was a theme park of pretend diggers and toys. Not so. This is a park full of proper JCB diggers. And a load of 6 year olds and older children driving around the fields in them!!!

Autumn 80

Our 2 year old is absolutely digger crazy so I couldn’t wait to take him along, what I didn’t bank on was how much fun I would have!!

There is so much to do here. And I love the sense of achievement it gives young children. From digging piles of mud…what could be more fun?!

Autumn 70

To knocking down pins with your digger!!

Autumn 83

There are slightly scarier rides for thrill seekers –

Autumn 98

And this one was much too scary for me to try!!

Autumn 113

But the staff were amazing – the lovely man taking care of the ride above told everyone taking part that the second they gave him the thumbs down, he would stop the ride and take them off.

One thing to bear in mind is there are some height restrictions. As a very general rule I would say my 6 year old could go on pretty much all of the rides on his own. My 4 year old could go on some of the rides, but many she had to go on with an adult. And the 2 year old was more restricted – mainly because of the jolting movement of some of the machines and having to be careful of his neck. He could go on a few on our lap but to be honest there was more than enough to keep him very, very happy! I think they’ve got the age restrictions spot on and no-one felt they were missing out.

Autumn 78

The sense of independence it allows children is fantastic – our 6 year old grabbed his sister and they both jumped into this little car and drove off, with me shouting after them to wait for me to come with them. But actually, they didn’t need me! There was a bit of bumping, a need to reverse a couple of times and a few shunts onto the curb but they got around and my 6year old was absolutely beaming afterwards!

Autumn 96

We loved it here, a brilliant day out in the mud with a load of diggers! Perfect!!

Diggerland – – is at 4 locations across the UK: Devon, Durham, Kent and Yorkshire.

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