Hotel Review – London – Rubens at the Palace

Posted on October 7, 2013


Hotel and Location

Rubens at the Palace is the closest hotel to Buckingham Palace – in fact it’s just across the road so you definitely feel ever-so-slightly royal yourself staying here!

It’s a hotel that really does manage to combine the traditions and splendour of the past with all the modern conveniences you would expect of a luxury 4 star hotel.


For families they have a fantastic array of options for connecting rooms. From the traditional 2 connecting to a whole wing for extended families!

We took two inter-connecting rooms which were great as we had one main door with a small private hallway and the two bedrooms off. This was absolutely perfect for us as our children are still young so it was great to have them close…but also that space so that once we had put them to bed we could kick back and relax.

rubens RB_SuperiorTwin_413

The Best bits

The staff at Rubens were absolutely wonderful. They went out of their way to be helpful to us and so friendly to our children. It was always such a lovely retreat from the hustle and bustle of London to enter the beautiful lobby of Rubens and immediately feel at ease.

The location is incredible. To walk out and see Buckingham Palace is really something special.

Worth bearing in mind

Considering we are talking about central London I thought we would come up with some issues with parking but we found a number of places to park about 2 minutes walk away that were free all weekend. Parking in central London…for free….opposite Buckingham Palace??! I know, crazy.


Oooh yes. It is wonderful for children.

Let me start with check in. You think it would be us checking in, but no, it was our children who got to sit on the plush window seat to fill in their own checking in form – what was their favourite food and colour etc! They loved this and felt really important, it was such a lovely start to our stay.

rubens - checkin

And from there it just continued. Little gifts in the room – the colouring books, snow globes, special children’s map of London were such a lovely touch and so sweet. There were mini robes and slippers, bowls of fruit and postcards for them to write to their friends which you could drop at reception for them to post.

tabby - gown

At night-time they bring glasses of milk and a box of home-made cookies to the room – which together with the little chocolates went down very well with our 6 year old!

rubens - millk&noah

We had such a lovely stay here and can’t wait to return.

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