What My Children Say About…Cuba

Posted on September 26, 2013


1.  What was your favourite thing that we did in Cuba?

N (5) – I liked swimming in the sea with all of the fish….and when the gardeners cut down the coconuts for us to drink.
T (3) – Going on the horses [the horse and carriage rides we took around Havana].

2. What was your least favourite thing from our holiday?

N (5) – I didn’t like the people with the long legs. [There were stilt walkers in a big troupe who came and picked the children up and they got really scared of them! We kept seeing them around the streets of Old Havana and our 5 year old would shout, “Quick, it’s the long legged people, run!”]

T (3) – No I didn’t like those people either!


3. What was your favourite meal on holiday?

N (5) I liked the ice cream when I chose my flavour [at Coppelia Ice Cream parlour in Havana].
T (3) I like the chocolate milk [in the Chocolate Museum, Havana]


4. What was the best souvenir you brought home?

N (5) My coco taxi [a little model of the bright yellow coco taxis that are all over Havana]
T (3) My lady [a carved statue of a Cuban lady holding a bag and parasol!].

5. Do you want to go back?

N (5) YES….every year!
T (3) YES

If you’d like to read more, all the details of our trip to Cuba are here – http://globalmousetravels.com/2013/08/27/cuba-with-children/

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