UK Short Break – Bath….by scooter!!

Posted on September 20, 2013


We are really pleased to be working with Micro Scooters to show how towns and cities can be fun for children too by scootering around them rather than walking!

We took to the streets of Bath to give it a try!


Bath is a great city to scooter around as it’s fairly flat. There are a few hills but of course the effort to go up makes the coming down even more fun! The main centre is very flat though and largely pedestrianized which makes for very child-friendly scootering!


1. How we got around:

Well obviously on the brilliant Micro Scooters. It’s a brand anyone who has children will know immediately – they are THE scooter people!! My son got his first mini Micro Scooter when he was 2 and has been whizzing about on it ever since. Both he and my 4 year old daughter are now on the three-wheeled Maxi Micro Scooters which can last them until they’re 10.

I, on the other hand, haven’t been on a scooter since I was about 10 myself! The thought of going on one was more than a little scary and I did feel slightly embarrassed. That lasted about 5 seconds. In fact as soon as I set off on my practice scoot, I absolutely loved it. About 5 minutes in I was challenging my 6 year old, “Ha ha, race you!!” and I’m ashamed to say about 2 minutes after that he went whizzing past me. Beaten by a 6 year old, the shame!!


I really believe this is a fantastic family activity. We had so much fun and I felt like I’d done a work out at the gym afterwards – which is always a bonus!

I was on the frankly fabulous Micro Flex Air Scooter and I can thoroughly recommend it to get you fit and get you out with your family…I can’t guarantee you won’t get beaten by YOUR 6 year old however.

2. What we did:

We started at the top of the city and the amazing No. 1 Royal Crescent, a real Georgian house. The house is set as it would have looked in the 18th century and you can look around 10 historically dressed rooms.


They have special rucksacks for children filled with little activities to do in each room to really help them feel involved in the house too.


We loved looking around the rooms and imagining the family that once lived there.


The servants quarters in the basement were particularly enjoyed – especially with all of the clothes to dress up in!


We then scootered around the Royal Crescent which is considered one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the UK and is so beautiful. The big wide paths here and  all around Bath are perfect for promenading ladies…and children [and adults!] on scooters!

Around the centre of Bath it was great to scooter down the main shopping streets and right up to Bath Abbey with all of its street performers outside.

summer 134

And from there we were straight in to the Roman Baths. This was our first visit here and it is breathtaking.


You can walk around the whole site – from the saunas and changing rooms to the heated rooms and plunge pools. You can feel the history as you walk around with different artifacts and sculptures on display.


It is again really geared up for children with their own audio tour and also a sticker sheet to spot different sights as you go around the baths. My children absolutely loved spotting the different items from the sticker sheet and it was a great way to keep us all moving around.


There are plenty of other places in Bath to stop into such as the Jane Austin Centre and Holburne Art Museum which we didn’t have time to get to on this visit, but are well worth a trip.

What I love about the baths, the Georgian Museum and just being in Bath is that as a family we were able to take in so much that each of us, at every age, could enjoy. By adding the scooters we were also getting a really fun element to the day which just helped bring it all together. It’s such a great way to sight-see as a family.

3 Food and refreshments!

Bath is jam packed full of restaurants but it’s not always so easy to find somewhere with really great quality as well as being family friendly.

Koh Thai on Broad Street really was both of these. We joined up with Mr Globalmouse and our 2 year old for some lunch and had an absolute feast.

Every single one of us dug in to some really authentic Thai food which was the best we could remember having had in ages. It even got us reminiscing about trips to Thailand!


It was cooked to perfection with fantastic portions and a really friendly, welcoming atmosphere.


We had rice dishes, plates of fresh veggies in delicious sauces, corn cakes, tempura and tons of delicious tofu (we are vegetarian). It really hit the spot!

And then, following an afternoon of scootering and sight-seeing it seemed only right to stop for late afternoon tea and cakes…and of course there’s only one place to do that in Bath – Sally Lunn’s has been going since the 17th Century and so you could say they know how to make a good bun!


We had a delicious cream tea and also a Sally Lunn’s bun with homemade lemon curd which was ‘tangtastic!’

summer 144

It was the perfect pick me up after all the exertion of scootering…and after that we didn’t even need dinner!!

4. Top tips –

Remember to take water with you. It was really surprising how thirsty we all got after a day of scootering.

It’s really useful to take bike locks to tie up your scooters when you’re going into different museums or restaurants.

Get ready to have fun!!

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