Road Test – Orchard Games World Puzzles

Posted on September 17, 2013


We are a puzzle loving family and we have a cupboard full of them. They’re the perfect rainy day activity and great to take away on holidays. So when we heard about Orchard Toys Great Britain and Ireland and World puzzles we knew we would love to give them a try.

Orchard Toys are a brand my children have grown up with. I love the quality of their products and we have loads of their games and puzzles which are always beautifully designed and really do make learning fun.

We started with the Great Britain and Ireland puzzle – it’s for age 5 – 11 but our 6 year old found it quite tricky to do on his own so we all pitched in to help. I think this is the great thing about both of these puzzles, they are something they can grow into and get something from at every age.


We really enjoyed the Great Britain puzzle and loved being able to point out where we lived and how far away from London it is and all the other places we visit regularly.


Both puzzles also come with posters which are wonderful to be able to put up in bedrooms afterwards. They also link in with the National Curriculum and provide numerous talking points and ways to introduce children to geography in a really fun way.

We found the World puzzle easier somehow…and more enjoyable. Maybe because we could look at all of the places we have talked about visiting. It was great to see our 6 year old pointing out world landmarks, “Look it’s the Statue of Liberty” and points of interest, “A Buddha!”.


I think these are perfect puzzles for children who love to travel and who are interested in the world.


A few days later our six year old asked if we could do it again… Looks like it’s going to be another big hit in this travel loving house!

Orchard Toys sent us these puzzles for the purposes of this review but all thoughts are my own!

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