Road Test – Kathmandu Sleeping bags and mats

Posted on September 3, 2013


If there’s one thing I want when I go camping, above and beyond anything else, it’s to be warm. I really feel the cold and I’ve suffered shivering camping trips in the past where all I long for is a hot bath to warm my bones!

All that has changed.

On our recent camping trip we used Kathmandu’s Globe sleeping bag and that’s done it. I am a camping convert!! I’m not saying I’m ready for Glacial camping conditions anytime soon – but taking the children off on family camping trips is now going to be part of our yearly holiday planning.


So we recently road tested the Globe sleeping bag from Kathmandu and I have to start at the best bit – it is so warm. Not in an uncomfortable way, but in an absolutely perfect, snug, cosy, lovely warm way! I thought I was going to be sleeping in my socks and with my fleece jumper on but neither of these were needed. I snuggled down and was perfectly warm for the whole night.


We all were. Except one member of our family – our two year old. I had brought his regular sleeping bag from home and his travel cot and he was awake a number of times through the night…when we got him up in the early hours of the morning he was so cold, poor thing!! We immediately put him under our sleeping bag with us and this is how he slept – as warm as the rest of us – until morning!


The one time I’ve camped before we slept on air mattresses from home and the cold air gathered in the air of the mattress and we froze all night long. This time we used Kathmandu’s self-inflating mats. They are rolled up so small and then you literally unroll them and they gradually inflate. It’s amazing! They looked fairly thin (well, compared to the useless mattresses we used last time!) and I felt a bit sceptical but they were absolutely comfortable – like laying on a well sprung mattress! Incredible.

Maybe I’m naive with all of this – my previous camping experience was very far from positive and I was left believing that camping should be an uncomfortable night spent shivering and waking up with a bad back! This trip was a revelation. We woke, comfortable, warm, well rested (apart from the night our 2 year old woke up) and ready to enjoy our day!

What I especially loved about Kathmandu was the service. They really know their stuff and spoke to us at length about our needs – what sort of camping conditions we were going to be using the bags and mats in, our height (Mr G is particularly tall), whether we felt the cold etc They took the time to find out about us as a family and as such could recommend the exact product we needed. And they were spot on. I have slept in some hotels with less comfortable beds than our camping set up.

Bring on the next trip!!

To check out Kathmandu’s wonderful range, click here –

Globalmouse was provided with sleeping bags and mats for the purpose of this review. This is an independent account and not influenced in any way.

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