Road Test – Play Away Case

Posted on August 29, 2013


Our children, at 6 and 4 are just starting to get into the idea of carrying their own luggage. On a recent trip to Paris we travelled with hand luggage only and it was a complete revelation. And as we hope to travel more and more with hand luggage only it helps if the two oldest children can carry their cases themselves.

So the cases from PlayAway are the perfect way to  get them involved in carrying their own bags easily – and in fact, it’s been hard to get them to put them down since they arrived!!


There are a number of features that I particularly love about these cases.

– The first is that they are a brilliant size. They fit within the regulation hand luggage size for most airlines, so no charges for checked bags. But beyond that they’re a great size inside for packing clothes – really practical for packing a lot in.


– The next is the real biggie – it has a separate case in the front which can be taken from the front and filled with toys, magazines, colouring, snacks etc and which can mean the main case can stay shut. So no more scrabbling through packed clothes to find activities on a long flight.


This separate case is brilliant – it comes supplied with colouring sheets, pens etc with loads of space for packing your own travelling toys and activities. It is ideal for plane trips but would equally work on car journeys, camping holidays, night’s away.

– When you take the separate case away, hidden behind is a board game – perfect for games away…or delayed flights!! Mine have absolutely loved playing the game a number of times already.


– Each case comes with its own character on the front. Our children loved reading all about their cases characters – which are based on real animals. My 6 year old has ‘Alexsee the Russian Wolf’ and my 4 year old ‘Eva Dee the Desert Fox’. You can log onto the website to download games and activities based around the characters and to read about the animals. I love this – as animal lovers we love to read about different species and my 6 year old keeps asking me to tell him more about Russian Wolves which I think is brilliant it’s sparked this interest for him.


All in all we are really impressed with the Play Away case. As a parent I love the size which is practical and works well, and I really like the separate case which means all of my nicely packed clothes can stay nicely packed while the children feel they can rummage about for crayons and snacks! My children are very happy – they love the characters and finding out about them and we have already downloaded some of the pictures to colour in. Big Globalmouse thumbs up 🙂

Play Away cases can be bought here –

Get yours with 15% discount and free postage if ordered online. If they using the code PLA020


Globalmouse was supplied with PlayAway cases for the purposes of this review but all thoughts are my own

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