Travel Mishaps – the worst souvenir?

Posted on August 20, 2013


I have to admit I love shopping! Even better than just regular shopping…souvenir shopping really makes me very happy.

I love having my home filled with things from my travels – pictures bought from an art street market in Havana, old wooden paddles from the Cook Islands and my anti-radiation honey (seriously!) from North Korea!!

In addition to buying, what I think of as nice reminders from my travels I also like to bring home a few everyday items that can just slide into a drawer or a cupboard to be used fairly regularly and just remind me of the destination they came from. Unfortunately…particularly for Mr Globalmouse…this usually means lugging, often fairly heavy, items across the world – like the whole matching range of bowls from Marrakech (but they are lovely!), the teapot and matching cups from Beijing (I do use it every day though!) or…my set of drinking glasses from Sri Lanka.

My drinking glasses from Sri Lanka, yes these definitely rate as one of my not so successful buys.

Mr Globalmouse was feeling a little unwell and so we found this lovely shop full of locally made products and gorgeous Sri Lankan wares and a cafe for Mr G to recuperate while I shopped…perfect! I filled my little basket full of trinkets and then spotted the glasses. Piled high with 6 of them Mr G looked at me as if I was mad and said, “who buys drinking glasses in SRI LANKA when they have to carry them on a plane all the way back to the UK???” I sort of understood, but they were so lovely and all bobbly and I just really wanted them!

So home we struggled with my glass cups all wrapped up and carefully carried all the way back.

I was so happy with those glasses and proudly took them out when one of my best friends came over for a drink and to hear about our travels. I handed her a glass of lemonade in my beautiful Sri Lankan glass to which she exclaimed, “Oh I’ve got these glasses”. WHAT??? Where from??? And then the terrible reply…”Ikea”. Of course she was mistaken, these were the finest Sri Lankan glasses…weren’t they?! I went to Ikea as soon as I could only to discover that yes, their drinking glasses were identical.

I’m sure this isn’t the worst souvenir I’ve ever brought back – it certainly ranks with being the most annoying!! I’d love to hear yours…what’s the worst, most embarrassing, most useless thing you’ve ever brought back and regretted?!

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