Road Test – ‘My World My Lotto’ game

Posted on August 13, 2013


As a family who loves to travel we really love fun ways of teaching our children more about the world. So when Junior Scholars asked if we’d like to review the “My World My Lotto” game from Gibson Games, it seemed perfect for us.

It is for ages 4 – 7 and absolutely perfect for getting them thinking about the world and all the countries and differences that make it up.


It’s easy to play – each person gets a Continent board to fill and all of the countries cards are placed face down in the middle of the table and turns are taken to choose a card and try to fill up your Continent with 6 of the countries that make it up.


My 6 year old absolutely loved it and he is just getting to grips with Continents and the countries that make them up so this was really useful for helping him understand a little bit more about this and start linking countries with their Continents. And our 4 year old loved seeing the countries and locations she recognised – “Look, it’s the Eiffel Tower” and “Sushi, my favourite!”.


It’s really good because anyone can win – our 6 year old the first time and then the 4 year old so it really is perfect for all the age groups. On the back of each board are really fun facts about all the countries, for example – “Chile – Llamas rarely spit at humans but may at each other when upset. Chile’s Atacama Desert is the second driest area on Earth. The first is Antarctica”.

This is definitely a game we’ll play again and again….perfect for a sunny day in the garden or a rainy day indoors!

My World My lotto can be bought from Junior Scholars here –

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