Travelling with hand luggage only!

Posted on July 24, 2013


Today I am packing for our short break to Paris. Because our airline now charges for bags in the hold we have decided to try and go with hand luggage only. I figured that the £70 ($100) to get a suitcase there and back could be better spent on a few necessary toiletries in the airport and a meal out while we’re away! However I am now slightly panicking and wondering if, with 3 very small children, this is even possible?!

We are going to leave enough time for a shopping trip to the chemist airside in England to buy toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and moisturisor…oh and a razor for Mr Globalmouse! We are only there for 5 days so I think that should do us…

What worries me is that I normally travel with a few medicinal supplies, including nappy (diaper) cream, calpol etc which I will have to do without. Of course I can buy medicine in Paris but it’s always nice to have the brands you trust with you when you travel.

I’ll also have to refrain from bringing back my favourite French bubble bath and any other little treats to myself of Parisian lotions and potions!

I’m taking my laptop and hoping all of the wires and connection cables are allowed to travel in hand luggage – these are usually packed in our suitcases so I have no idea.

In someways it feels quite liberating to really scale down what we would normally take and travel light (ish!).

Does anyone have any tips?!! Any help would be very gratefully received!