Turn your child into a photographer for your travels!

Posted on July 21, 2013


A great way to make kids really feel involved in travelling is to give them their own camera. Our four year old had his own camera for a trip to Italy and not only did it keep him entertained and engaged in the places we were seeing, it was also really nice to see the pictures he took.

Leaf, with pool in background
View from the Villa, Tuscany
Single flipflop, on floor.

Children’s photos can really add another element – they see totally different things as being important to document and literally add a different perspective – it was so funny to see photos from a few feet below the usual angle!

hat on table!
Definitely a different perspective!! Kitchen – a study.

I also really loved the self portraits!

Do your children take photos on their trips away? Any tips or thoughts? I’d love to hear them…