Travel Wish List

Posted on July 15, 2013


1. Cortina Boarding Tote by Tumi

I love this bag. Loads of pockets for different on board needs – snacks, games, paper, pens etc It’s stylish enough to feel like a proper grown-ups bag but functions perfectly as a parent on the go bag too!


2. Cot Canopy

These are amazing – why have I only just found out about them? We regularly book hotel rooms where we’re all in together and it’s so difficult to get the littlest to sleep in his travel cot while we’re still pottering around getting everyone else in their beds. This is such a great idea to ensure baby can rest and the parents can still be up and about. Love it!


3. Cares Flight Harness

I have recently written another post about this issue which you can read about here – These are light for your hand luggage, easy to use and as they say, “you wouldn’t put your child in a car
without a car seat so don’t put them on a plane without a Cares Flight Safety Harness especially designed for flying with children.”


4. Baby’s passport cover

Super-stylish in this gorgeous violet coloured leather this passport cover from Aspinal of London would be a great gift for a baby who has it all! They’ll even personalise it with your child’s initials. Gorgeous!


5. Sugar free lollipops!

I recently wrote about how great lollies are during take-offs and landings. These sugar free version are perfect and with great flavours like mango and pomegranate they are sure to go down well with my little travellers.