The Bucket List

Posted on July 9, 2013


This is my travel wish list…which is growing by the minute and will probably grow more with every week!! It’s definitely a work in progress.

The places / experiences in BLUE are ones that have been checked off the list and the ones in Blue and underlined are clickable to the post about the experience if you fancy a read.

I’d love to hear any other suggestions…what have I left off my list?!


Stay in a yurt in Mongolia

Take a trip on the Orient Express

Visit the Taj Mahal

Take a train trip through Vietnam

See Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Visit an elephant orphanage, Sri Lanka

Travel to Tibet

Eat curry (what else?!) in Rajasthan

Visit Kerala

See Wat Pho in Bangkok

Shop in Crawford’s Market, Bombay

Visit the markets of Azerbaijan

Walk on the Great Wall

Visit the DMZ looking at North Korea

Visit the DMZ looking at South Korea

See the Orangoutangs in Malaysia

Take tea in China

Try sushi in Japan

Walk through the Forbidden City

See Geishas in Japan

Stay in a tea factory in Sri Lanka

Hang out on the beach in Goa! 

See the Temple of the Tooth, Sri Lanka 

See the Buddhas of Hong Kong

Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Visit the Bridge over the River Kwai

Walk through the Hutongs of Beijing

See the Mass Games in Pyongyang, North Korea

Eat steamed buns in the Peace Hotel, Shanghai

See the pandas in Chengdu

Explore Turkmenistan

See the Terracotta Army


Travel across the USA by train

See the Grand Canyon

See the animals in the San Diego Zoo

Wear flowers in our hair in San Francisco

Visit Alcatraz 

Climb the Statue of Liberty

Take a boat from Europe to New York

See Mardi Gras in New Orleans



Kayak down the Colorado River

Visit Montana

See the cherry blossom in Washington DC

Stay on a ranch in Texas!

See Newfoundland

Experience Southern hospitality in Georgia

See wild alligators in Florida

Eat Key Lime Pie in the keys!

See the bears in the Canadian Wilderness

Go on one of those flying boat things in the Everglades

Visit the French islands of St-Pierre and Miquelon


Listen to jazz in Havana

Visit the Panama Canal

Eat in a Paladar, Cuba

See the Mayan ruins in Mexico

Take a cruise around the Carribean Islands

Visit Machu Picchu

See the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil

Ride in an old American car in Cuba

Kayak down the Amazon

Soak up the carnival in Rio

Walk the streets of Old Havana, Cuba


Take in the Souks in Marrakech

See Victoria Falls

See the gorillas in Rwanda

Visit the salt fields in Tunisia

Take a trip on the Red Lizard, Tunisia

See the pyramids

Take a camel ride through the Valley of the Kings, Egypt 

Take a felucca trip down the Nile

See the penguins in South Africa

Buy a fez in Egypt

Go on safari


Visit Father Christmas in Lapland

See where Titanic left, Belfast

Visit the Doctor Who set in Cardiff, Wales

Shop the Christmas markets of Scandinavia

Stay in a Scottish Castle

See a volcano in Iceland

Ride on a gondola in Venice

Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Walk the Criosettes, Cannes

Eat pizza in Tuscany

Ski in the Alps

Eat fondue in Switzerland

See London from the top of the London Eye

See the battlefields and cemeteries of Normandy 

See the Bayeux Tapestry

See the fjords in Norway

Go inside Buckingham Palace, England

See the Northern Lights (Seen very briefly but need to see them again!)

Take a trip to the Eiffel Tower 

Swim in the blue sea of the Greek Islands 

Eat paella in Spain

Visit Legoland in Denmark

Walk over the Pont Neuf in Florence

Stand in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Look at the yachts in St Tropez

Drink coffee in a cafe in Krakow

Visit Portugal’s Silver Coast

Take a boat trip down the Seine

Eat Turkish Delight in Turkey 🙂

Walk through the Forum in Rome

See the whales in Greenland

Stay in a villa in Tuscany

Wander through Red Square, Moscow

See the White Cliffs of Dover

Hang out at Glastonbury Festival

Stay in the Hebrides, Scotland

See the Beefeaters at the Tower of London

See a Roman amphitheatre

See the tulip fields in Holland

Hang out in trendy Turkbuku, Turkey

Visit Anne Frank’s house

Eat chocolate in Belgium

See the Mona Lisa

See the geysers in Iceland


Be shipwrecked on a desert island, Cook Islands

Visit Bora Bora