The best….pizza!

Posted on July 8, 2013


This is a new discussion point for me, I thought it would be interesting to find out where the best food and experiences around the world are.

I started thinking about this after asking friends and family for their thoughts on the best ever pizza they’ve eaten and whether it had to be in Italy! This came about because we have just bought an amazing pizza oven for the garden and are now, probably too regularly, having our own wood-fired pizzas. It’s delicious and it’s such an event the kids love it.

Our own home-cooked wood-fired pizza. Yummy!

Probably because it’s home-made it makes it even more special and it got me wondering, is this the best pizza I have ever tasted?! I’ve eaten quite a lot of pizza in my time and I am slightly struggling to come up with an alternative as a better taste.

But thinking about it, for the overall ambiance, setting and pizza eating experience my best ever probably has to go to a pizza we had in the little town of Vinci, somewhere between Pisa and Florence. It was in a restaurant set in a little courtyard, fragrant with jasmine and the pizza itself was so fresh, full of veggies and just delicious. It feels right that the best experience should be in Italy! But I’m still on my pizza eating journey so who knows, it might yet get topped!

I don’t have a photo of the pizza or restaurant in Vinci, so here is one of my little one in Pisa, aged 5 months during the same trip!

So…where did you eat the best pizza? I’d love to know and add it to my list to try!! 🙂