5 Reasons kids love…Denmark (Jutland)

Posted on July 6, 2013


1. Hot chocolate!

The Danish do GREAT hot chocolate. Rich and with freshly whipped cream they are almost a meal in themselves!! We loved stopping for very regular hot choc breaks…just to warm us all up, and for the children, of course!!

2. Legoland!

Denmark is the home of the amazing Lego, so where better to visit Legoland than where the colourful little brick started its life!

3. Playgrounds!

The Danish have great playgrounds in all the towns. With sandpits, really imaginative play centres and in some of the best, like this one in Viborg, motorbikes to hire, ice creams to eat and really engaging play equipment to play on. Since they are often set in lovely parks they’re nice for adults accompanying them to sit down for awhile and just rest their feet!

4. There are many streets which are car free

meaning it’s much safer for children to walk around and also perfect for scootering or running about. It was lovely to be able to walk through various towns and not have to worry about traffic.

On their scooters through the streets of Herning

5. The clothes

Ok, maybe this is one for the parents primarily but Danish children’s clothes are absolutely beautiful, really quirky and just stand out as being something different.Β  I fell in love with a number of Danish brands when I was over there and still buy them online for my children from England now.

Please let me know if you have any other tips for kids in Denmark!

Lego heads!