DENMARK – Jutland

Posted on July 2, 2013


Denmark, and our first opportunity to visit Scandinavia as a family. We travelled in October so it was pretty chilly but we definitely look forward to returning again…maybe when it’s a little warmer!

What we found was a country that is beautiful, friendly and offers an opportunity to really relax.

1. How to get around

We got to Denmark from the UK by boat. I can’t recommend this highly enough. We had the most amazing crossing, in a cosy cabin with our own bathroom and the laid-back start – chugging along at 20 knots – really set the tone for the whole trip! You can read more about the crossing here –


Hello Denmark!

Because we travelled by boat we had our own car with us which was great for loading up with all the luggage that taking a 3 year old and a 1 year old away entails – including a travel cot and our son’s scooter! It was really nice having our car there, full of our luggage and just not having to worry about the weight of it!

2. Where to stay & eat.

We were lucky enough to have friends in Jutland who had room for us so this wasn’t an issue. There are of course the usual choices between hotel and rental accommodation and I would definitely opt for rentals in Denmark.

For a start, Denmark is really expensive and so it is particularly useful to have a kitchen to be able to make most of the meals at home. It is also really nice to have the space to relax, particularly in winter, when the weather can be really cold.

Wrapped up warm for a trip to the beach!

We did eat out though and had some really nice meals. It’s harder as a vegetarian to eat there – although there are some lovely cheeses and salads to search out – but fish eaters will be very happy with all of the seafood available.

3. Things to do

We had some lovely day trips out. Legoland was a must! We couldn’t go to the home of Lego and not visit Legoland and we had a brilliant day out there, definitely recommended.

Heading into Legoland!

We also had a windswept but really lovely trip out to Søndervig which was beautiful and slightly stark with its backdrop of Nazi bunkers but the children had a great time digging holes, building sandcastles and watching the kites. Denmark does really good hot chocolate with whipped cream and we soon retreated to a cafe to warm up.

Søndervig for kites and Nazi bunkers!
Windswept and beautiful Søndervig

We also had a look around the amazing Medieval town of Ribe, full of cobbled streets, gorgeous cafes and lots of really nice shops!

Beautiful Medieval town of Ribe

4. What to buy

Denmark is expensive…but it’s also full of beautiful things so be wary! The children’s clothes in particular are fabulous and I did have to buy some dresses for my daughter which were at prices I wouldn’t normally spend!

The chocolate is very good and definitely worth purchasing – the chocolate marzipan is especially delicious.

5. Top tips with children

Lots of the towns have great children’s playgrounds, for example we visited the town of Viborg which had a playground with motorbikes you could hire, feed for the ducks to buy and ice cream carts.

Duck watching in Viborg!

If travelling in winter, the Scandinavian all in one suits are great, if not a necessity, and can be picked up in all the shops over there. You simply don’t see children in winter in Denmark NOT wearing them…which makes me wonder why we don’t do this?!! I know there are the odd suits to wear on particularly cold days but in Denmark they wear them all through winter…every day!

6. Ready to book?
Go for it! You’ll find a country stylish yet down to earth and super friendly. We loved it and can’t wait to return!