5 Reasons kids love…The Cook Islands

Posted on July 1, 2013


1. Beaches
What child wouldn’t want to spend their days at the beach? And on the Cook Islands the beach is always there, you can’t get away from it! Made up of 15 tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the powdery white sand is picture perfect…and ideal for sandcastle building, shell hunting, crab watching and ice cream eating! Oh and not to forget lazing around in a hammock on!!

Hanging out in a hammock in Aitutaki

2. The sea

The bath temperature sea is just amazing to be in. Whether you take your child out on a canoe (or if they’re old enough, let them paddle themselves), have a go at snorkeling (the array of colourful fish is spectacular, or simply splash about, the sea is something most children will never bore of.

Probably not exactly the right way to snorkel!

3. Deserted Islands

Fancy feeling like a real Robinson Crusoe, ship-wrecked on a desert island? In the Cook Islands this can become a reality! We had the most amazing trip to two deserted islands – we hired a wonderful boat and crew for the day who supplied a lovely, fresh picnic and dropped us on a completely deserted island for a couple of hours. It was slightly worrying watching them speed away but amazing to be on our very own island to eat lunch, swim in the sea and make believe we were ship-wrecked!!

Honeymoon Island, Aitutaki

4. The wildlife

The Cook Islands are full of amazing animals to watch and enjoy. It is teeming with lizards, a huge variety of crabs of varying sizes, chickens running loose everywhere and many, many more. Your children will love spending time just watching them…scanning the sea to see where the next shoal of silver jumping fish are going to come from, running excitedly as someone discovers a deadly stone fish and counting how many lizards they can find during dinner!

5. Time

On the Cook Islands there is so much time to simply be. There are much fewer distractions, you really feel like you’re in a completely different world and to be able to spend that time together in such a relaxed way is such a positive experience.

Rapota Island, Aitutaki

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