Posted on June 27, 2013


When it comes to festival season there’s only one choice for us in 2013. Lollibop has got everything and more for families this year.
In its fab new venue of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, this year’s Lollibop, which bills itself as Britain’s biggest and best day out for kids has a stunning line up, activities a’plenty and headliners which will wow your little ones.
Actually, how it manages to cram so much into three days in mid-August is quite astonishing. Aside from appearances from big names like Justin Fletcher and Dick and Dom, there is live theatre in Lollipaladium, hands-on cookery in the Lollibop Kitchen, and Tween Town for older kids to learn DJ skills.
There’s plenty more on top of that. My six year old says he’s most looking forward to the Transformers. An appearance by the Optimus Prime Truck is likely to send his friends green with envy. 
Our four year old is looking forward to getting her hands messy in the imagination stations. And there’s only one choice for our 18 month old, Peppa Pig will be the big draw of the day for him. If you hear a toddler yelling “piiiiiiiiiig”, you will know we are somewhere nearby.
Relocating Lollibop to the scene of last year’s Olympics is a smart move too. Not only is the site served well by transport links, it is allowing Lollibop to expand. And there’s also the stunning Olympic backdrop, which will add its own special magic to the event.
I have high hopes for Lollibop 2013. It looks set to offer up an unbeatable family festival, and it could prove to be the best summer gathering for kids this year.Find out more here: