DENMARK – by boat – the civilised way to travel!

Posted on June 27, 2013


Travelling by boat from the UK (Harwich) to Denmark (Esbjerg) felt a bit like going back in time, to the glamorous days of travel in the 1920s. A night on board on the way there and back really did become part of the holiday itself. It felt so much more dignified than catching a quick flight. This truly was a wonderful experience that I can’t wait to repeat.

From the deck of the Sirena, looking out to the North Sea

Here are some of the highlights:

1. What to do on board

It’s a fairly small boat, not at all cruise-like, more of a work horse, chugging back and forth from the UK to Denmark. But don’t let that put you off, what it does have it does really well and in its understated way it is both beautiful and alluring.

Looking out of our cabin window

We were lucky to be able to book Commodore class which does cost more but has lots of extra perks to make you feel specially looked after. One of these is its own lounge to relax in, read, take tea and also, if you wish, have free access to a computer with internet access. You also get your own deck to take in that North sea air!

But even if you stick with the regular cabins there are lots of activities on board to keep you entertained.

There’s a small play area for the children, a really nice shop selling clothes, toys and confectionary and when we were on board they even had a magician and model balloon maker there to entertain everyone for an hour or so.

If you’re without children they also have a live band that plays in the bar every evening!

2. Where to eat

There are a number of restaurants on board where you can sit down for a meal and also a cafe for lighter meals. The Commodore Lounge has complimentary snacks and drinks, perfect to grab some cheese and biscuits and a plate of pastries and a couple of beers for retreating to the cabin with! In the morning they have a lovely breakfast spread to enjoy too.

We had only just arrived when the Commodore Concierge arrived to ask if they could take dinner reservations for us – definitely something I could get used to!

3. What are the cabins like?

Amazing! Lovely, cosy cabins with really nice sized bathrooms. Ours came with satellite TV, a really comfy double bed, coffee table, arm chair and a sofa that turned into a single bed. My only gripe is that having experienced Commodore Class, now we have three children we would have to book 2 cabins to accommodate us which would push the cost of the trip up too high. But at the time our 3 year old snuggled down very happily into his single bed and the cot fitted easily next to the bed for our 1 year old.

Our cabin in Commodore Class, on board the Sirena

Every cabin comes with an en suite bathroom and all bedding and towels.

4. And when you arrive?

There’s a high speed train to Copenhagen or for those of us who had brought our car we rolled off and straight into the Danish countryside, almost wishing we could stay just one night more on board!

Our First glance of the Danish coastline

5. Top Tips with Children

Our children were really excited just being on the boat. They loved exploring and really enjoyed playing in the kid’s area. Both of them came away at bed time with a balloon the entertainer had made for them and it really did feel like our holiday had started.

Drawing a picture on board the Sirena, heading home to England.

Everyone was so friendly to the children on board and they were able to choose their own snacks and drinks in the Commodore lounge.

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