Travel Wish List

Posted on June 26, 2013


1.My 6 year old would absolutely love this bag. He’s really in to robots at the moment and this would definitely get him carrying his own hand luggage with pride! It has wheels that light up in red, blue and green when it moves and has got loads of storage. It can be used as a rucksack too. Perfect!

£40 from the Science Museum Shop

Science Museum Shop

2. These dream tubes would be ideal for making beds in hotels and holiday apartments safer for my 4 year old. She’s a real wriggler in bed and we have made sure her bed at home is safe for her so these would be great for taking with us in our luggage and feeling reassured at bedtimes when away.

£40 from Dusky Moon

Dusky Moon

3.This Travel & Go First Aid kit looks perfect for short trips away. With 28 baby-safe items including plasters, saline wound / eye wash and a thermometer it is compact and perfect to be kept in a suitcase for each trip away.

£7.99 from Wallaboo via Hippychick


4. Think-ets
This is a great little set – it contains 15 trinkets to make stories with or play memory games. It comes complete with a little booklet detailing different ways to play and would be an ideal little set for hand luggage and spending a few hours on board a plane.

£7.80 from Amazon


5. Lego Luggage Tags
These Lego luggage tags are so much funl and would ensure my children feel very grown up every time we travel and tie them to their luggage. In a variety of fun colours they are a steal at £2.99

£2.99 from John Lewis

John Lewis