Posted on June 20, 2013


Before having children we loved travelling but as soon as our little boy arrived, as much as we didn’t want to admit things were going to change…they did.

We immediately stopped long-haul dreaming and had a few holidays fairly close to home. One trip to the South of France really sticks in my mind – we struggled so much on the 2 hour flight and decided from then on we’d better stick even closer to home. It was just such hard work – our then 1 year old wriggled and shouted on the plane, we got flustered and red-faced and tried not to think of the trips we used to take when we could sit back, read our books and maybe order a glass of wine.

We would have loved to go further afield but what was the point if we weren’t going to enjoy it? And then the game-changer.

We won a competition to the Cook Islands.

The Cook Islands!! 24 hours of flights away, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the closest land being New Zealand. Crazy!!!

We gulped a little, gave excited screams, worried some more and then just went for it. There will be more on that amazing trip to the Cook Islands later, but flying for nearly 12 hours to Los Angeles, stepping out for 2 hours before transferring to another nearly 12 hour flight to Rarotonga, totally changed our mindset. We’d approached those first few stressful flights with apprehension and fear and everything that happened seemed stressful and far from fun.

Embarking on nearly 24 hours of flights in one go meant we went prepared. We packed our hand luggage with care – a huge variety of snacks, children’s magazines and comics to play games with and read stories from, new inexpensive toys to spark an interest and pass the time. But the biggest change was in us. We had to take this trip – how could we not?? – and from that point on we realised that if we could survive this, we could survive anything.

And we didn’t just survive it, we absolutely loved it. Ok, so the 24 hours worth of flights wasn’t how we would ideally spend a day and a night, but oh it was so worth it.

We have re-discovered our love of travel and it is so much more rewarding as we are now taking our child along and seeing everything from a totally new perspective. So this is a blog for all of our travels and adventures.

And this is to let you know that you can do it too. And have fun! We hope you will join us and we’d love to hear your comments.